Throughout the state of Oklahoma, there is no shortage of living things that can kill you.

In a classic no-phones-allowed debate at the lunch table, the topic of Oklahoma's most deadly animal became the conversation.

Honestly, don't debate with your phone. That spoils the fun.

Naturally, the almost universally "most dangerous" animal in the state is thought to be any of our venomous snakes.

A Rattlesnake soaks up the afternoon sun in central Montana

A few different types of rattlesnakes, the copperhead, cottonmouth, and in the most rare situations, the brightly-colored coral snake. All of them are deadly, but bites are shockingly rare in Oklahoma. Deaths attributed to them are even more rare this day in age.

So what is it?

Soon the topic meandered over toward something built for death... the mountain lion.

Cougar growling displaying teeth. Photographed in Minnesota USA.

While these majestic killing machines are perfectly adept to take down the biggest prey, sightings are rare enough in the Sooner State. With the exception of a shredded Crystal Gayle t-shirt, Google couldn't even track down one example of a human being harmed by our rare lions in Oklahoma.

It's not our big cat.

Mary Swift
Mary Swift

Has to be the pit bulls, right?

Whether or not pit bulls have earned a place in regard to deadly animals, they have made headlines across the world. Most recently in Hollis, Oklahoma where a boy was killed by what locals described as pit mixes.

Much like racist children, dogs only know what they're taught. If they're given pain in life, they'll spread it in kind... but while dogs are rarely deadly in Oklahoma, they're not the deadliest animal within our borders.



Insects are animals, right? That's where the debate went after a shockingly heated pit bull discussion. The most deadly animal in Oklahoma has to be the same as the most deadly animal in the rest of the world, right? Mosquitos?

While mosquitos are pretty deadly around the world, they aren't lethal in Oklahoma thanks to the first-world healthcare in America.

The same goes for ticks. They can make you sick and allergic to red meat, but deaths are super rare.

Small fawn curled up in the grass.

It's adorable.

Surprisingly, deer are the most deadly animals in the state. Not to say they attack humans, but when there is a vehicle/wildlife collision out on the highway, death is abnormally common.

Not surprisingly, deer are the most deadly animals in all of the lower 48 states of the US.

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