Oklahoma is full of rich history and a shockingly industrial past, but that's not the whole nine yards of it. Oklahoma is also the home of the bigfoot as well as some curiously haunted places and ghost towns.

Of all the ghost stories you may have heard, nothing compares to the creepiness level of the most haunted place you can visit in Oklahoma...

Spoiler, it's not the Brady Theater.

Way up in Northwest Oklahoma, there's a little college town called Alva.

It is literally out in the middle of nowhere.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University seems to be the only reason people travel there, but it's also home to the most haunted place in the state... an almost one-hundred-year-old plains hospital. It's known now as the Cherokee Strip Museum - Alva.

Built in 1932, the quaint two-story building has played host to more activities over its history than just being a hospital where many souls left their bodies, the place has served as many other things.

With a vintage school room, drug store, kitchen, "Indian room," presidential room, army barracks, and even a POW camp at one point in time. So many individuals have passed through this building in the last 90-ish years, it's no wonder it's regarded as the most haunted place in the state.

Here's the cool part, you can take a tour of this place as it's a full working museum these days.

The cost is cheap too. $5 for adults, $3 for kids, children get in free. They'll guide you along the way and let you do a little free-spirit roaming yourself. Open every day except Mondays, it's sure to give you a good story to tell.

Here's the official website.

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