This past week, pretty much anyone that could work from home has worked from home. I don't know about you, but I kind of enjoy it. I like being home, I like getting an extra two hours of sleep, I like working in my pj's and not having to shave. As I was getting up and around yesterday, I looked at my alarm clock and a thought dawned on me... I've had it for twenty-five years.Then this thought occured, most people generally have the same alarm clock for most or all of their lives. At least, I don't suspect most people have more than one, maybe two bedside clocks in a lifetime.

I was thirteen when I bought my alarm clock. I'm not sure if it was christmas, birthday, or paper route money that I spent on it, but I remember the trip to Walmart to get it. I wanted one of those alarm clock radios, but I didn't want to spend the kind of cash they were asking for it. I settled on a little red-faced digital alarm clock that was something like $9. It's worked like a champ for all these years. It took me ten full years and a power outage to realize that it had a 9v battery backup for such an occasion. In all that time, I've never once thought "I need a new alarm clock."

What about you? How many alarm clocks have you had in your lifetime? More than one? More than two? I'm honestly curious.


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