Rockers are becoming increasingly cognizant of what's going on in their audiences as of late. A My Chemical Romance fan uploaded a TikTok of frontman Gerard Way urging the crowd to be careful during their performance of "Welcome to the Black Parade."

According to commenters on the TikTok, the gig in question took place at Victoria Park in Warrington, England on May 27. notes that "Black Parade" is the ninth song that the band performed that night. The video clip shows Way singing along to "Black Parade" on one of the monitors on the side of the stage. "The crowd was going crazy during ['Welcome to the Black Parade'] and he wasn't having it," the caption reads. Additionally, the text in the TikTok says, "Gerard being a rockstar and a dad at the same time. Wait for it."

A couple of words into the clip, Way started shouting, "Be careful over there" several times and pointed toward the audience. Several TikTokkers commented that Way has checked in on the crowd at several European shows and asked them to take a few steps back, including Glasgow, where someone apparently passed out. One person in particular noted that at the Warrington show, the people at the rail were being pushed against it.

"Shows just how easy it is to say something or to stop a crowd, just how easy it is to care," one user wrote. "He was saying in Cardiff if someone falls down, pick them up and got us to shuffle three steps back. It was awesome how he was so concerned and conscious," added another.

See the video below.

Earlier this week, Slipknot stopped their performance in Cincinnati, Ohio when Jim Root noticed someone struggling in the crowd. Corey Taylor ordered the band to stop playing, and directed EMTs to the location of the fan. Stopping a show or making comments about the safety of fans isn't a "dad move" — if more artists pay this much attention to their audiences going forward, concerts just may become much safer environments.

My Chemical Romance's tour continues tonight (June 4) in Italy. They'll be heading to the United States in August for a North American run. See all of their upcoming dates here.

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