Super heroes come in many forms. Some people may not even know that they’re built for that type of responsibility until the opportunity presents itself. What makes someone brave enough to risk their own life to save another? What makes someone jump into action without a moment’s notice; especially when it’s “not their job” to do so? Today was that day for Shykira Smith.

Shykira owns a local concierge business and works with clients at all times of the day. She prides herself on the business motto of always being on time. But clearly today, she was late for a reason. Be it because of the lightening from this morning’s thunder storm or the accident itself; the power to her private security gate was knocked out. Having to go back and reset the security codes made her leave a little later than she normally would have. After leaving her home at around 8:00am this morning on a drive she takes every day, several times a day; she noticed what she described upon first sight as a “horrific accident.”

Based on the destruction to the vehicle and to the utility pole that the car crashed into, she knew it was a bad accident. She didn’t know if there were any survivors or, if there were, how bad they were hurt, she just knew whatever the situation; she had to take action. Based on her twelve years in the military as a medical sergeant in the army; this combat veteran was fully prepared for the events of today. According to her, she just did what she was trained to do. Classically conditioned to confront a situation like this head on, in Shykira’s words, “I don’t know how to run...I had to help him.”

The details of the experience were drama filled. From calling 911 and waiting for the first responders to arrive (whom of which risk their lives every day in situations like this), to issues with breaking the window in order to free the young man from the car; to calling his family & having to let them know that their son was in a car accident; this was a harrowing experience for all involved. The details of the accident can be found here. The good news is, the young man in the accident is doing fine and, at last check, was in surgery.

I shudder to think what would have happened if Shykira & the gentleman who called 911 were not there to assist this young man in his time of need. Does he know what a blessing it was that she was driving by at that exact moment? That she, with years of service in the military as a medic, was the one who came to his rescue? Does he know that she would risk her life to save his time and time again? For Shykira, her actions were not about recognition, it was about basic human life.

I am extremely proud to know Shykira. What she did not only today, but during her multiple years of military service, makes her a hero. She may not want to be recognized for what she did because for her, it was simply about helping another citizen. I however, want to shout it from Mt. Scott. Her cape may be invisible, her super powers may be concealed, her identity disguised, but nonetheless, she is my she-ro.

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