A recent teaser poster, along with the cryptic messages of series co-creator Ed Boon, are pointing in the direction of a flawless victory.

For the past month, NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon has been posting mysterious messages on his Twitter hinting towards the next entry of Mortal Kombat, Polygon reports. A recent teaser poster featured in a Reddit post also corroborates the idea of there being a new Mortal Kombat in the works. The poster features the cracked bones of a spine, alluding to x-ray attacks of the 2011 reboot of MK. On the bottom of the poster, is the Mortal Kombat dragon logo, which has been used with the series since its first incarnation, along with a tagline of "Who's next?"

Ed Boon's Twitter page has changed his profile picture to the same black and white dragon, with his background image containing the same white tagline atop a black background, suggesting the legitimacy of the poster. Boon's recent Tweets suggest a new Mortal Kombat, such as the included photo of a Lincoln MKX with him questioning "I wonder what the X stands for?" If there was to be a new MK, it would be the tenth entry of the series.

On May 4, Boon Tweeted the following (the answer is 29):

Boon posted this Tweet the next day (28):

This following post made on May 6 was all too obvious:

Boon has created a countdown started at the beginning of the month that suggests a major announcement will be happening on Monday, June 2. Let's cross our fingers, hope this is indeed the tenth Mortal Kombat, and pray to Raiden that it'll be going to next-gen systems.

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