Hold up, before you say "We already knew there was water on the surface of the moon..." there's a catch. Years ago, we slammed a missile into the moon to confirm there was ice. So yeah, technically, ice is water so there's water on the moon... This new confirmation is that there is liquid water on the moon. Specifically, there is melted ice water on the sunlit side of the moon at any given point in time. As a day on the moon lasts about two weeks, it solidifies the push for space exploration beyond the moon. Here's how it breaks down.

I don't remember how long ago it was, a year or so, NASA announced they would begin preparations to send humans to Mars... but before that plan comes to fruition, they have to build a space-port type base on the moon. You see, right now, to get things like oxygen, water, fuel, ect... into space, you have to take it with you. The idea of Space Base Moon (that's what I'm calling it) is that astronauts can manufacture oxygen and fuel from the water and ice on the moon. So they only have to take enough fuel and oxygen to get to the moon, then they can load up enough of those heavy liquids to get them to Mars... if the water on the moon is fit for consumption.

That's the next step to this plan... Figuring out if the water is good enough to drink. As the moon has very little atmosphere, there's a chance the water isn't drinkable. Give the radiation in the solar winds that pass by earth everyday, it's a big question that has to be answered. While they might come up with a way to test it from here, odds are, someone is gonna have to go get a sample. We're going back to the moon baby.


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