While there are more than a few ghost stories and haunted places in the Sooner State none are more terrifying than the dreaded 'Purple Church' in Spencer, Oklahoma. Of course, the place is haunted, but it gets worse than that. It's also rumored to have a demonic presence and is considered a place of pure evil!

Over the years the legend of the 'Purple Church' has grown and its fame for being one of, if not the most haunted places in the entire state. This location is not only very active when it comes to the paranormal, it's also very active when it comes to the supernatural. It's rumored to be a gateway to hell and home to several demons and other evil spirits who have been conjured by Satanists and witches throughout the years.

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According to one of the legends the 'Purple Church' was a satanic church used for not only devil worship but for witchcraft and animal sacrifice years and years ago. Local townsfolk eventually found out about the church and its evil followers and burned it to the ground. All that's left is the foundation and the basement. But something else was left behind, something that can't be destroyed by fire or any other means.

Another tale or legend of the 'Purple Church' states that it was originally a house, not a church, and certainly not a satanic church. It was just a normal house that was eventually abandoned by those who once lived there. Some say they all died out, others say it was the sight of a tragic accident when a fire broke out and killed the entire family. It's rumored that the spirits of the family haunt the area scaring away trespassers.

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No matter which version of the legend you believe all the stories include ghosts, demons, and evidence of animal sacrifice at the 'Purple Church.'  It seems every person who has visited the site has reported seeing and hearing all kinds of strange and unusual things. From the paranormal to the supernatural and just about everything in between. So how did this place get the name 'Purple Church?' Most say it comes from the purple pentagrams and other symbols that are painted on the outside and inside of the old cellar.

Paranormal investigators, mediums, psychics, and ghost hunters who have made the trip to Spencer, OK. and checked out the 'Purple Church' talk about a dark presence that can be felt and even heard. Most say it's not a ghost but rather a demon of some kind. There have also been stories of investigators stumbling across rituals being performed at the site while they were investigating. They mention seeing robbed figures, lit torches, and hearing chanting coming from the 'Purple Church.' Some have even been chased away.

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More often than not investigators find evidence of recent animal sacrifices that have been performed at the 'Purple Church' including bones and other animal parts littering the area. Someone is using the site, is it Satanists or possibly a coven of witches? Who knows. One thing is for sure, there's definitely something going on there and someone is using the location for what appears to be demonic and evil purposes.

There are tons of stories about this place and its eerie, maybe even evil character. Be warned the 'Purple Church' is located on private property and is posted "No Trespassing" so unless you have permission to visit the site, you're better off staying away. The owners patrol the roads and land near the site and don't take kindly to people jumping fences and coming onto their property uninvited. So DO NOT attempt to access the 'Purple Church' unless you have permission from the landowner. Ghosts could be the least of your worries.

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