If you haven't heard yet, NASA is planning on putting a base on the moon to better get us to Mars. It's a whole thing you can check out in the link. So naturally, with a new mission and challenging goal of destination, NASA decided to whip up a new ensemble for space travel that will better allow movement of the astronauts, and keep them comfortable at the same time.

It's called the xEMU, and it looks nothing like the ARES Mission suits from 'The Martian,' but everyone that has slid into one of these says, in terms of comfort, they're miles beyond what they currently wear walking around the space station. Up to this point, spacesuits haven't changed a whole lot since the 60's. It was more about keeping astronauts alive more than making them comfortable. Whether or not we make it back to the moon, let alone Mars, in our lifetime is yet to be seen... But that's the goal, and I think we all hope they make it.

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