Happy National Dentist’s Day (3/6/19) and National Dental Assistant Recognition Week! Sending my warmest regards to the doctors, dental hygienists and dental assistants at Dearing & Jones Orthodontics! You are greatly appreciated for continuing to make your clients smile beautifully not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. The joy you bring to families all over this community, including mine, is immeasurable.

According to the National Calendar, the best way to observe is:

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The Journey to a 'Selfie-Perfect Smile’

When my kid was younger, she asked if she could get braces. I didn’t know much about the process, other than what I naturally assumed. The way my bank account is set up, I knew they would be a very expensive sacrifice, but my baby wanted (& needed) them. I knew they would be painful (for her) and I knew they would require an incredibly meticulous hygiene ritual that must be completed daily in order to properly care for them.

Prior to agreeing to get them, my daughter & I had several lengthy conversations about the responsibilities of wearing braces. Once she agreed unequivocally that she would do all that she was supposed to in order to properly care for them; the next step was to find an orthodontist who could perform the procedure, well.

Highly Recommended in the Lobbies of Wherever

My search for an orthodontist began organically; or rather, I did what most parents do when thinking about getting their kid’s braces…I just asked every single parent or adult I knew or came across!

Dance, cheer, gymnastics, art, music…whatever extracurricular activity my kid participated in, I’d have these in-depth conversations with other parents in the “lobbies-of-wherever” about where they got their teeth done. Especially if they (or their kids) had braces or they just happened to have a great set of teeth.

In the quest to obtain a “selfie-perfect-smile” for my kid, there was really only one name that kept popping up in every conversation…Dr. Matthew Jones. “Do you know Dr. Jones? Ooh girl, you should try Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones did all my kid’s braces. I’ve gone to Dr. Jones for years. He’s amazing!” I heard his name so often, I figured he somehow managed to corner the market on fantastic smiles in this town. Either way, I just knew I had to find out who this “Dr. Jones” was.

 Doctors and Renaissance Men

Dr. Jones and Dr. Dearing are both incredibly accomplished in their field of expertise. The latest technologies & techniques, coupled with the combination of their years of wisdom & mastery of experience; practically illuminates the entire dental office. Graduating at the top of their class with honors, receiving multiple awards for excellence in dentistry and published research in nationally recognized orthodontic journals are just a few of the stellar accomplishments of these gentlemen.

Not only are they really impressive at their day jobs, their diverse interests in extracurricular activities and hobbies such as aviation, surfing, fitness, weightlifting and sports make them fully well-rounded. Now, add all of that to their community fundraising endeavors and their love of spending time with their beautiful families; I’d say that Dr. Jones & Dr. Dearing are the quintessential renaissance men.

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

The dental assistants and hygienists are the first point of contact when you walk into the office. I don't have to mince words when I say that first impressions are everything! They can make or break your entire dental experience. You can take an extensive look at all of the responsibilities of dental assistants here.

For me personally, my most significant experience with the staff at Dearing & Jones Orthodontics was emotionally based. It’s about a feeling…issa vibe. They made my daughter and I feel comfortable, relaxed and in expert hands before, during and after her dental treatment. Once the braces were on, they also gave detailed instructions on what she needed to do in terms of the proper oral care that followed the procedure. Whenever we had questions, they were there with knowledgeable assistance.

Oooh, That. Smile. Though.

It is an understatement to say that My. Daughter’s. Smile. Is. Gorgeous!!!! I’m not just saying that because that’s my baby. (I mean she does after all look like her mother, but that’s not the point though, lol!) Her smile is bright and beaming and her teeth are strong and healthy; and it’s 100% because of the dental work done at Dearing and Jones Orthodontics!

I told the doctors that if I had $1000 for every time someone complimented my kid on her smile, I’d be a millionaire…Literally! But, the joy & self-confidence that emanates from that beautiful ear to ear smile of hers is priceless. I’ll take that any day.

So once again, Happy National Dentist’s Day (3/6/19) and Happy National Dental Assistant Recognition Week to everyone at Dearing and Jones Orthodontics! I just wanted to give a huge “thank you” to every single one of you. You all have changed my family’s life tremendously and are intensely appreciated.

And, you can rest assured that I will continue the “unofficial tradition” of recommending your services to parents in the lobbies of wherever, from now… till forever. You guys rock!

National Dentist’s Day and National Dental Assistant Recognition Week


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