On a warm, breezy day in Apache Oklahoma, main street came alive to honor Native Americans from the Kiowa, Comanche,and  Apache tribes with a parade honoring veterans from those tribes.


Kris Killsfirst, chairman of the KCA organization, organized the parade to honor not only Veterans but those Native American Vets that have served their country so well.

Apache Veterans Parade

The parade lined up at the Old High School and made its way down main street led by Apache Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Comanche Nation Police, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, followed by Color Guards from the various tribes and Killsfirst front and center carrying the Apache Traditional Warrior Staff.

Next up was the 77th Army Band.  What an honor to hear from this group of musicians as they played the songs representing all of the branches of the Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, right in the middle of main street!

Following the 77th Army band, MacArthur High Schools JROTC group marched.  Tribal princesses, and junior princesses, antique cars hosting veterans from all branches and years, the Apache Warrior High School band, the Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs, the Lawton Antique Car Club, and Antique Tractor Club.

The Apache Fire Department closed out the parade with several of the Apache Warrior football riding along on top.

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a small-town parade, I highly recommend that you make time in your schedule.  It's an event that Apache can be proud of for sure, and I would make time again and again to be part of this opportunity to celebrate the tribes and the soldiers that have served our Nation so well.

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