It takes a certain type of personality to live in a can. Imagine six to nine months inside a steel nuclear tube with little to not outside time. Granted, submariners do get "yard" time when they're running on the surface, but they don't hit port very often outside of the beginning and end of their assignments. Sure, you get to travel the world, but it all looks the same. Deep blue.

Submarine battles may look boring on the surface, but you have to wonder if they're similar at all to what we see in movies. I can only assume it is. Not so much blindly 'flying' a ship through the depths, especially as far as we come in navionic technology... but how intense is a modern sub battle? That's the real question.

During WWII, when everything was analog and done by feel and touch, it had to be intense. You fired weapons at each other, and while the odds of a strike were small, there was always that thought it could be your last day in the back of your mind.

Nowadays, I assume fire missions are so computer controlled, they practically never miss. Smart torpedoes, rockets, and such... The modern Navy is probably on par with the Air Force for technological wonderment. But all the technology in the world can't keep you from wearing those dreadful blue camo ensembles.

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