Lawton received some great and yummy news last week when it was announced that Viridian Coffee Co. would be bringing Hatch to town!

This is great news for Lawton because we will FINALLY have the perfect place to eat brunch. If you haven't had Hatch yet, then you need to stop by the next time you're in Oklahoma City or near Tulsa. Hatch currently has locations open in Automobile Alley and Chisholm Creek, along with a location up in Jenks.

And the yummy part about the news is that Hatch has DELICIOUS breakfast food! I mean, look at these beignets, y'all...

And you have to have something savory for breakfast as well. I love a classic eggs benedict. And check out the size of those hashbrowns!

Hatch also has great options for our Lawtonians with varying diets and food preferences. But honestly, this creme brulee oatmeal is what dreams are made of.

Another great thing about Hatch is that it is Oklahoma owned! Hatch's parent company is Provisions Concepts based out of OKC. Viridian Coffee Co. and its owners are the franchisees that will be brining Hatch to Lawton.

According to the article from FOX25, the Hatch in Lawton will be located on 2nd Street in downtown Lawton, adjacent to the Viridian Coffee location on that street. We should be getting some delicious brunch downtown sometime in 2023!


We'll definitely be keeping tabs on when Hatch will be opening its doors in downtown Lawton. So be sure to tune in weekday mornings to the Morning Crew, follow KLAW101 on Facebook and download our app!

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