One of the most useful old tools in the shop is getting some new tech. It'll make it cheaper to run, which means you can run it again.

The Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter is the newest technology in the shop torch game. Instead of paying $400+ to refill my oxy-acetylene, I can save nearly half by switching to diesel, bio-diesel, or kerosene and other heavy fuels. That's incredible!

Yes, it's a hefty up-front cost at nearly $2k for the starter kit, but if you use your torch as much as I do, it pays itself off in a few tanks.

Imagine, getting back to the old-school goodness of brazing and torch welding sheet metal. No more of this "grab the tig, it's thin" lack of metal respect going on in my shop.

Need to cut something? Put my plasma cutter down, grab that torch like a man!

It's brilliantly awesome, and a good investment and advantage every home workshop needs. Check it out at

UPDATE: Here we are five years later, and Petrogen is still leading the technology behind alternative fuel torches. The response in conversation I hear the most about this (yes, cutting torches is regular conversation in my circle) is why not skip right to the magnificent modern plasma cutter? Well, torches don't require power to run. It's that simple. Go anywhere, cut anything. Besides, when was the last time you saw a consumer/hobbyist grade plasma that could shear a one inch thick plate of steel? They're out there, but not in your garage. All the same, these torches are high dollar. The basic/cheapest you're getting into one of these is $1500, and it's a very small package. Still, it's arguably better than acetylene. Safer too. Check out their website, drool over the goofy looking equipment, then join in the conversation the next time it comes up.

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