A new bill or resolution has been filed by a state legislator for 2022 that would put an end to Oklahoma's death penalty. State Rep. Mauree Turner (D-OKC) introduced HJR-1050 that if passed would place the death penalty on the ballot as a state question for the voters to decide. The death penalty has always been a hotly debated subject and it's gotten even more heated recently with the state's mishandling inmate executions.

According to the polls, most Oklahomans support the death penalty, however after recent events the support is rumored to be fading. Capital punishment in Oklahoma was put on hold because the drugs used for performing executions have been in short supply, especially throughout the pandemic and even more recently. When other medications were substituted, the results weren't pretty and the state ended up botching a few executions with horrific outcomes. Now there's even talk of bringing back firing squads.

Okay, maybe it's a few inmates that have requested firing squad versus being injected with drugs and chemicals to ensure they have a quick and painless death. Makes sense, I think I'd prefer that if I had to make a choice after seeing and hearing about the last death row inmate that was executed in Oklahoma.

It was really bad and those who witnessed it said it was the furthest thing from humane they've ever seen. You can get more details on the firing squad story by clicking here. The state's carrying out of capital punishment and the use of the death penalty could be headed towards a vote sometime next year if (HJR-1050) passes. So what are your thoughts on the death penalty, do you agree or disagree?

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