The month of May 2013 kicks off the summer blockbuster season for movies, and there are lots of reasons to get your butt to the ice cold multiplexes, which always crank the AC to Arctic levels in the warm months. Take in a shoot 'em up, a big budget actioner or a comic book flick.

The first blockbuster of the season finds Robert Downey, Jr. assuming the roles of Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man for the third time in 'Iron Man 3.' That's probably going to rake in billions of box office receipts and be fun to watch.

'Iron Man 3' isn't the only new movie release in May 2013 offering up well-known characters for a third round of big screen fun. The Wolf Pack is back for 'The Hangover Part III' and we gotta admit, we're wondering how far the screenwriters can take or twist the "We screwed up" concept, but that won't stop us from seeing it. We like to live vicariously through Phil and Alan, and the rest of the boys.

And, yes, there are more new movie releases in May 2013 to compete with Tony Stark and The Wolf Pack. Chris Pine returns as Captain Kirk in the latest installment of the 'Star Trek' series, 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' Will the Enterprise crew boldly go where no man has gone before? Go see it and find out.

The sixth entry in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise means rubber-burning cars, hot chicks, and that Vin Diesel still has a career, but the latter is no reason to hate on this franchise or skip the flick.

'The Iceman' is the true story of contract killer Richard Kuklinski, who is also a family man. What a dramatic paradox! Plus, a leathery Ray Liotta returns to the screen here playing a serious badass, but not as the titular character. This could be his best role since Henry Hill in 'Goodfellas.' Former "It" girl Winona Ryder is in it and she looks good for her age.

Here's a rundown of new movie releases in May 2013.

May 3

'Iron Man 3'
'The Iceman'
'Kiss of the Damned'

May 10

'Assault on Wall Street'
'The Dark Tower'

May 17

'Star Trek Into Darkness'
'Black Rock'
'The English Teacher'
'Stories We Tell'

May 24

'Fast & Furious 6'
'The Hangover Part III'

May 31

'Now You See Me'
'A Hijacking'
'The Purge'
'The Kings of Summer'

What new movie release in May 2013 are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments.

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