You know Oklahoma, we joke around a lot about you down here in Texas. If this passes, I'm sure you would have some very happy people coming to visit your state more often.

Here in Wichita Falls, we live just a short drive from the Oklahoma border. I'm sure you have made the trip to an Oklahoma casino from time to time. You could gamble with your Texas driver's license with no issue right? Imagine if that were the case with Oklahoma's medical marijuana program?

If Oklahoma House Bill 2022 passes in the state Senate, medicinal cannabis will be just as accessible to Texans as legal gambling is. In fact, not just Texas, every other state is welcome to be a part of the program. Under the current program, only people with medical licenses from other states qualify for the program. Additionally, the bill extends the length of time a medical weed license is valid from 30 days to two years for nonresidents.

As a Texan, what would you need to do? You would need to get approved by an Oklahoma doctor and pay a $200 fee for a license that would then have to be approved by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. This does not mean you can bring your marijuana back to Texas with you. Maybe one day

If you wanted to go check out the ridiculous amount of dispensaries up in Oklahoma. They have 15.6 dispensaries for every 100,000 people in the state, second most in the country by the way. You could once this passes and pick up some for yourself. Just have to wait and see.

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