I'm sure every state in the union does the same old song and dance each year. The people vote, the legislators legislate, and everyone is given new and updated rules to follow the following year.

Oklahoma is no different.

While most of the new laws on the books are in addition or complimentary of others already on the books, some changes are small, others not so much.

Some of the standout issues the state has addressed are the expansion of health rights for women and our state's youth. That's usually a good thing.

Officially making the jump to Real ID compliance but not requiring it all the same is one of the more weird flexes for legislators. It's sure to create future debate and probably "guaranteed employment" for those on both political sides.

Libraries and content censorship have been a very hot topic for the last year or so, and Oklahoma has officially dipped its toes in the proverbial pool.

Additional changes to our marijuana industry can be shown as both common sense growth, but also money grabs for additional tax revenues.

Here are the standout new and updated laws that our elected leaders have achieved in 2022.

New Oklahoma Laws That Went Into Effect In 2022

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