The wait is almost over for 'Washington's Armor.' The brand new film trilogy will have its television premiere this Monday, February 21st (02-21-22) which is Presidents' Day. That's more than appropriate since the new series is all about the father of our country George Washington. You may remember a while back in January of this year the film crews and actors were in town shooting some additional scenes for the upcoming movie.

The 'Trading Post' in Lawton was used during the filming of Washington's Armor.

TSM Lawton: Jeri Anderson
TSM Lawton: Jeri Anderson

The director and producers choose to use the old 'Trading Post' at the Museum of the Great Plains to represent Fort Le Boeuf in the film. They were in town for several days filming and even some locals go into the action and were cast as extras. This Monday we'll finally get to see 'Washington's Armor' on NTD. Click here for the details on NTD and how to stream the new series. Not too sure if the scenes that were shot in Lawton at the 'Trading Post' will be a part of the first episode or not, but we'll be seeing it real soon.

Check out the official sneak peek or movie trailer for Washington's Armor.

'Washington's Armor' tells the tale of George Washington's younger years, about 20 or so years prior to the Revolutionary War. It's basically the origin story of the most famous Founding Father and how he overcame all the challenges and trials to become our Nation's first President and the Father of our Country. Hit play on the video above to see the official sneak peek or movie trailer for the new film trilogy.

This was the first film project or movie shot in Lawton, Fort Sill after the city achieved its "Film Friendly City" certification from the Oklahoma Film + Music Office. We're all excited to see our very own 'Trading Post' and possibly even some Lawtionians on screen. You may be surprised and recognize someone when watching. I'm looking forward to it and now I have plans for Presidents' Day. I'll be Watching Washington's Armor!

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