Looks like the new construction near the corner of Cache and Sheridan, close to the 1,400 block next to China Wok will be a brand new Sonic Drive In. They're getting it done quick and in no time we'll have a new Sonic in Lawton. It'll feature the usual drive in we all know and love, as well as a drive thru lane and window.

Awhile back we lost 2 Sonic Drive Ins here in town, the one on Lee Blvd near 2nd street and the one closest to Fort Sill on Sheridan road. The good news is we'll be getting a new one and at a much better location. Soon we'll be able to pull in or hit the drive thru for all our favorite sonic eats and drinks.  As quickly as they're moving on this I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't open by sometime next month.


It's great to see things opening up in Lawton, especially with everything we've gone through over the past couple of months. We've lost several businesses here in town due to the pandemic and shutdowns. So it's great to see something being built and about to open. We could all use more options when it comes to shopping and restaurants, plus the jobs this will bring and revenues is just as important.

I look forward to ordering my first Route 44 cherry lime aide, cheeseburger and fries at the new Sonic once it opens up. It's in a great location, so on my way to the house I can stop by or go through the drive thru. It won't be long now from the looks of things...

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