Nikki Sixx has further confirmed that new Motley Crue music is being written and recorded. Yesterday it was revealed that a total of four new tracks will be conceived for the film adaptation of their popular biography, The Dirt.

Sixx has now called the new songs "ball busters" in a tweet replying to a curious fan who asked how the tracks will fit into the movie. "You can trust us these are ball busters," Sixx wrote. "Everybody can relax. We're soon gonna smack you upside the head with some killer new tracks. Bob Rock is producing. It's our movie. We know what were doing."

Yesterday, frontman Vince Neil revealed in a tweet that he's planning to return to the recording studio in a few weeks to record four new Motley Crue songs. This came just weeks after Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx were spotted together in a studio with producer Bob Rock, with photos and videos also showcasing Lee's playing. "It's that new shit!!!," Lee proclaimed in one of his social media posts.

Sixx later confirmed that the songs for for The Dirt.

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