Jim Cantore is universally everyones favorite meteorologist on The Weather Channel. That dude literally runs into the storm to feed information and some sciency-entertainment back to a captive crowd. Whether it be tornado outbreaks throughout The Alley, hurricanes on every coast, or that infamous 'thundersnow' moment in Boston, Jim Cantore can be found wherever the weather is bad.

Skip forward to this latest Hurricane Florence, and the coverage is somewhat lacking. Florence isn't exactly meeting the forecast models, so they're kind of just winging their around-the-clock 24-7 coverage. As the storm slowed down early Friday morning, and degraded a full 24 hours early, Weather Channel personnel just started broadcasting whatever was going on around them, including our beloved Cantore.

Random shots of tilted over AC units, broken tree limbs, etc... There were a string of shots from a parking lot where there was knee-deep standing water, Jim was in the depth of it giving his reports, but when the camera panned away, it was appeared he hopped into a puddle just for the shot. It's kind of disheartening. 'Sensationalizing' is what they call it, but in reality, they're just faking it for ratings and soon-to-be awards.

They cut later to interviews of people on the street, Cantore talks about the dangerous conditions. He introduces his guest, starts posing questions, and she starts to speak about how mild conditions are at the moment. Jim quickly starts asking about broken and fallen trees, broken windows, high winds from hours earlier... Just as the tension of the moment builds, a pack of frat boys walk across the background in shorts, tees, beer in hand, walking their dogs.

While there's no denying the weather on the East Coast presents a clear and present danger, It's apparently just not enough for The Weather Channel.

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