How there isn't already a punk rock museum is beyond us, but thanks to NOFX's Fat Mike, one will soon exist. The frontman is planning on opening the very first punk museum in the world, and it'll be located in Las Vegas, Nev. and literally called The Punk Rock Museum.

As reported by Spin, the 12,000-square-foot museum is set to open on Jan. 13, 2023 and will contain a wide array of punk-related relics from artists such as Debbie Harry, Devo, Rise Against, Sum 41 and more. There will also be exhibits that fans can engage with, including playing instruments.

“If you’re a punk band, you’re fucking in,” Fat Mike explained of the criteria to be accepted in the museum. “It’s that simple.”

The musician organized a panel of 10 people called the "punk rock collective" to help bring his idea for the museum to life, which he referred to as a "Church of punk rock." In addition to showcasing artifacts from punk rock musicians, the educational side of the museum aims to teach how influential the punk rock genre has been on music throughout the years. Foo Fighters' Pat Smear, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and Tony Hawk are among the investors who've helped make it a reality, too.

One of the collective members is Vinnie Fiorello, who also played in Less Than Jake and founded record labels Fueled by Ramen and Paper + Plastick.

“This is a love letter to punk rock,” he said of the museum.  “We want to show this common passion amongst so many different people for this form of music.”

“We want people to come from Indonesia and see the flier of their band on the wall,” Fat Mike further added. “You know how proud they would feel? I want anyone in a punk band around the world to have that opportunity.”

Pre-sale tickets for the museum are available on its website now. There are a variety of packages available for those who simply want to explore the museum, and also for artists who want to become part of it. Check them all out here.

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