NOFX bandleader "Fat" Mike Burkett has officially launched a new group called Codefendants. The outfit, which includes the hip-hop artist Ceschi Ramos and the vocalist Sam King of the punk band Get Dead, call themselves a "genre-fluid" musical collective.

Combining rap, rock, new wave and other musical styles, Codefendants kicked things off Wednesday (Nov. 16) with music videos for two new singles, "Suicide by Pigs" and the Get Dead-assisted "Abscessed." The latter track features the hip-hop artist Onry.

Watch the videos near the bottom of this post.

"Get ready for the best aural sex of your life," Fat Mike said.

Codefendants celebrated something of a soft launch earlier this year with the single "Fast Ones" featuring N.W.A alum The D.O.C., as Rolling Stone reported in June. NOFX, Fat Mike's main musical outfit, are planning to disband within the next two years. In September, Fat Mike revealed that 2023 would be the longtime punk act's last year touring together. However, he later extended that estimate to 2024.

Throwing it back to punk's heyday of mail order, listeners can obtain Codefendants' six-song demo cassette by sending $7 to "PO Box 20496 NYC NY." Or "call Rhonda at (929) 810-1044" for more info.

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Codefendants, "Suicide by Pigs" (Video)

Codefendants + Get Dead feat. Onry, "Abscessed" (ideo)

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