Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has had his fair share and well earned run-ins with long arm of the law. Johnson was in Broward County facing charges for parole violation when the judge asked if he knew how talented and hardworking his attorney is, Johnson answer in the affirmative and that's when it all went south. Watch the video to see what happens next! 

Chad Johnson bent over slightly and gave his male lawyer an innocent tap on the butt with the palm of his hand. The courtroom was filled with chuckling for a few moments and that just set Judge Kathleen McHugh into orbit. Judge McHugh asked Johnson if he thought this was just a big joke. Johnson politely said "No ma'am" and even Johnson's lawyer jumped saying that Johnson meant no disrespect to the court by his actions. Judge McHugh wasn't happy with either answer and promptly rejected the plea agreement she has moments before accepted and sentenced Johnson to 30 days in the Broward County jail. Did the judge overreact or was she in the right?


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