Sundays are reserved for one thing and that is the observance of the greatest game on the face of the planet, football! While men across this great land cuss and scream at every play their female counterparts are left in the dust until Monday morning.

As the countless significant others traverse the landmine fields that is the rule book and insider terminology of National Football League. There is only one thing that can pull men away from this religious experience that happens 16 weeks, not including the post season, and that would sex or so you would think.

Every sport has it's die hard fans that will support their team no matter the temptation. But as serious as that dedication maybe it can come with some equally disastrous consequences. And that is exactly what one man learned the hard way when he ignored his girlfriends numerous sexual advances. When her last advance was rejected she had had enough and decided to let her partner know exactly how she felt. That is when she began to physically attack her boyfriend. Did I mention that this was in Florida? When the police arrived the assailant level with the cops and said she was mad because her boyfriend rather watch football than have sex with her.

The boyfriend was still arrested because of warrants for unrelated charges.

Broward County Sheriff's Department
Broward County Sheriff's Department

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