Thirty years ago today Pantera dropped their iconic album 'Vulgar Display of Power'. On this day I finally decided to share my experience at Pantera's Pizza.


Literally one month ago today, I discovered that Pantera Pizza was a thing. I thought it was so cool that a pizza place had the same name as one of our favorite metal bands in Texas. I discovered this when I went to visit my family in Illinois after my father's passing. We drove by the sign and I couldn't believe it. Pantera's Pizza?

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This past weekend, I was back in Illinois clearing out the rest of my father's house. On Saturday once I had the U-Haul all loaded up and ready to go. My family said they saw my post on Pantera's. They were like, do you want to go? Uh, hell yeah I do. My family who lives in the town with one of the few remaining Pantera's in existence say they actually go from time to time and enjoy it.

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When we went, their was only one option for what we were getting. The Hunk! The biggest pizza on the menu. I actually knew about this from their commercial I shared in my original story. It's apparently their biggest pizza size with every topping on it. That thing was loaded! My family and I demolished two of them along with some beer.


The crust was perfect on the pizza and I highly recommend trying Pantera's if you ever see one. The only thing I was disappointed in was the arcade. From the commercial they made it seem way bigger than it was. Maybe back in the 80's or at other locations they're bigger. I did win my cousin a stuffed dog from a claw machine. So not a wasted trip to the mini arcade.


Still crazy to me that parts of the Midwest probably knows Pantera as a pizza place and not one of the best metal bands of all time.

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