Given that we live, as a species, a collective online life, it's no wonder that this incident was caught on someones cell phone. No idea or story of why they were filming out their window, but they caught something somewhat rare.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer Austin Ellis has pulled over a driver for a minor traffic infraction. No details on the traffic violation, but what ensued next is probably what every officer of the law expects... The suspect they pulled over randomly started shooting.

It's happens fast, and somewhat out of the blue, but for whatever reason, Officer Ellis is hanging back, apparently giving instructions for the driver to exit the vehicle, when all hell breaks loose. Shots ring out, glass shatters, hot lead flies, and we get to watch it happen.

Luckily, even though the suspect flees the scene, he was arrested later in Woodward.

Trooper Ellis is expected to make a full recovery.

Note to self, be cool to cops. Even when they're having a bad day, and letting you know about it, you could be the one chill person to turn it around.

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