When you were a kid, the best part of a snow day was sitting around during the cold morning and watching those time-honored game shows we all loved... The Price Is Right, Let's Make A Deal, Double-Dare, and Family Feud just to name a few. These were also the highlight of any sick-day home from school in our collective youths.

At some point we all become adults, pick up a regular nine-to-fives, and gone are the days of enjoying these wonderous television game shows. At some point, the game shows grow up too. Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire... Naturally, even though they're part of our routines, they grow stale.

Even more so since evening television entertainment because low-effort talent shows on every channel... Honestly, we're at the point where CNN needs to make a documentary called America Had Talent... but there's at least one original and new idea coming out of Oklahoma City, and it's all about cryptocurrency?

It's called DeFi Gauntlet... at least that's what the production company included in what appears to be a web commercial for it. I tried finding more information about it through a quick Google search, but nothing turned up except a pretty sizeable crypto platform called Gauntlet. It might be a stretch to assume they're related.

The only reason anyone knows anything about this new game show is someone put out a call for contestants on Reddit, kind of... The post is really all about tickets and how to get them, but it also says contestants are picked randomly out of the crowd...

Details are slim, it's likely a hush-hush thing until they can produce a pilot and sell it in Hollywood, but what else do you have to do these days?

Filming will take place at the Tower Hotel on a date to be determined later. If you'd like to attend and possibly partake in the activities, all you need is to make contact with OP on the Reddit thread linked here. Have fun and I'll pray nobody drugs you and steals a kidney.

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