Ever since New Years Eve 1987, Oklahoman's have had their very own exciting NYE festival on the same level as New York's Times Square... Except with smaller musical acts and far less people. Still, I digress, it's ours. It's always been called Opening Night, appropriate to open a new year and such. Put on by the Oklahoma City Arts Council every year, it's always been kid friendly and fun for the whole family. Performances by artists and musical acts, games, video shorts, and fireworks to start off a whole new year. 2020 proves to continue slamming us in the entertainment sense and covid has forced Opening Night to become a virtual event.

This year, there will still be performances, interviews, Oklahoma celebs, and fireworks, but it will all happen on our screens big and small. While I can't find a confirmation, I'm assuming it'll be on local TV for most of the state, we'll have to hope the single Oklahoma local channel will have had the foresight to get in on the simulcast... don't hold your breath... But it will also be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube for those of us in Texoma TV black holes to enjoy too.

If you really want to make it special for the kiddos, Opening Night is still providing celebration activities and 2021 swag in goodie bags that can be picked up today between 1-5pm at the ballpark in Bricktown. Making the most of what we can do for the holiday is what's up. With the forecast still up in the air to how accurate it'll be this evening, I can't imagine anyone will be looking to hit the streets, bars, parties, etc... since getting home safe might be more than a DUI problem.

Whatever you choose to do, be safe. Remember who you are, make good decisions, and have a little responsibility. 2020 has taken enough from us all, you don't need to be the person unnecessarily taking more from this planet at the last minute. There's a reason it's called Amateurs Night.

Here's the official Opening Night website.

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