Online dating can be a real hassle, and sometimes (read: usually), despite your best efforts, you still attract an absolute creepster. Let's be frank, if you can manage to find somebody who doesn't continually sniff their fingers during a meal you've gotten lucky.

While you're re-writing your online dating profile for the millionth time in order to attract a better class of visitors to your corner of the internert, here's the 10 funniest memes we've found about OkCupid and online dating in general to keep you laughing while you do (and not that laughing to hide that you're crying which you usually do while looking at OkCupid).

  • 1

    It's Always Your Best Friend's Ex!

    We don't know why this always happens, unless it's because OkCupid hates everyone. Nevertheless, we've already got the dirty deets on our BFF's ex's penchant for Dutch ovens, so we'll be passing. Nice try, OKCupid's patented dating algorithm.

  • 2

    The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Silence

    Go ahead and work up your courage to message that stranger. It's not like if they don't write back you're eventually going to convince yourself you're going to die alone and be eaten by your cats. Just kidding, it's exactly like that!

  • 3

    Sorry, But Your Match Is In Another Hemisphere

    You know the drill -- you spot a nice looking lady who matches up great with you. You're already envisioning early Saturday mornings spent clearing dead leaves out of your rain gutters when you notice that she lives on the other side of the planet. Thanks, OkCupid, for reminding us why Sky Mall sells those wine glasses that can hold an entire bottle of Zinfandel.

  • 4

    If You Haven't Deleted Your Account, You're Not Cool

    That cool person who messaged you? You should have written back faster, because their account is gone, friend. They probably got depressed because nobody ever wrote them back (see above) and decided to check out PlentyofFish, because they heard that's a great way to get chlamydia, which seems like a great way to meet a doctor.

  • 5

    Up for an Adventure, as Long as It's Not an Actual Date

    We'll never understand why people put that they are "always up for an adventure" and then make it known that they "reply selectively" to messages on OKCupid. There's a place for people like this, and it's called HowAboutWe.

  • 6

    They Haven't Logged On in Two Years

    False: our perfect match would never be so inconsiderate that they don't delete their OkCupid profile.

  • 7

    The Lowest Ranking Visitors Who Click Your Profile

    When using OKCupid to theoretically find the man or woman of your dreams, it seems as if it's always the case that when you get a visitor to your profile, they have the lowest match with you. Seriously, 12 percent? Thanks, for nothing jerk. No wonder we're not matches.

  • 8

    OKCupid: Haven For All Of the Online Daters With Issues

    One downside of OKCupid, and actually online dating in general, is that there is no initial screen to keep all the psychos out. Like, we're not even talking about looks or having a decent personality. Just not being a sociapath. That's all.

  • 9

    They Reply At A Snail's Pace

    OkCupid also attracts people who respond at a snail's pace yet want a mate who can "keep up with them." Can do, buddy -- you're slow as January molasses!

  • 10

    Of Course OKCupid Matches You With Someone Who Is In A Relationship

    You're on the hunt for the perfect match for you and then you see it: a 94% match! But wait, it's just OKCupid trolling you -- this user has already found his or her perfect match and is currently in a relationship! On the one hand, at least you don't have to worry about commitment. On the other hand, you'll probably hate yourself forever, which is, after all, the entire point of online dating.

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