I want this little girl to grow up so I can see her run.

Definitely not something you see everyday, but up in Oklahoma the Neel Veterinary Hospital just gave birth to a very interesting pup. They have named her Skipper. She has six legs, two pelvic areas, two urinary tracts, two reproductive regions and two tails. Apparently this is the result of a fertilized egg trying to split but not fully separating. They say it's very rare for these animals to survive the birthing process.

As of right now, Skipper is doing fine. All six of her legs respond to stimulus like any normal puppy would. They said she may need physical therapy to help with mobility as she gets older and they will continue to monitor and research her condition to ensure she grows up pain-free.

They say it's a miracle she is alive. Well Skipper, welcome to the world and I hope you live a long life. The internet has fallen in love with Skipper since she was birthed this past weekend. She is gaining thousands of followers throughout the world.

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