One Oklahoma City woman loved her dog so much, that she broke it out of an animal shelter, right before it was scheduled to be euthanized.

KFOR is reporting that Oklahoma City police arrested Toya Stewart for allegedly breaking into the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare building to free her dog, named Hazel.  Stewart stated that she not only considered Hazel to be her best friend but that it didn’t deserve to be euthanized.   She also added that the dog had helped her get through some pretty tough times, and protected her when she was both homeless, and in an abusive relationship.

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However, Hazel is not as innocent of a dog that Stewart makes her out to be.  Hazel is a pit-bull that has a history of both getting into fights, and even biting other people.  As a result of each incident, several serious charges were filed against the dog.  After reviewing every case, a judge deemed the dog dangerous, and ordered that it be kept in the shelter until it could be euthanized.  Once Stewart heard that her dog was going to be put to sleep, she decided to break it out of the animal shelter.

A few days after successfully breaking her dog out of the shelter, Stewart was apprehended by Oklahoma City police.  She was then taken into custody, while Hazel was returned to the shelter.  Shortly after Stewart was released from jail, her dog was euthanized.

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