The Sooner State is officially at Braum's-Defcon 2 for the weekend. Grab your milk and bread.

Arctic Freeze: Part Two is already underway across the plains, and as the forces of nature fight a battle between cold and dry vs warm and moist, all of us a preparing for the sensationalized forecasts from our state's meteorologists.


This was the forecast from Oklahoma's most trusted meteorologist for the coming weekend.

@news9kwtv The Arctic cold returns to Oklahoma! Dangerous, pipe-bursting cold. #weather #forecast #news9 #oklahoma ♬ original sound - news9kwtv

It's not all bad though. The winter weather should come and go pretty quickly, only lingering for the day in most places, perhaps two in others, and then things should return to normal for this time of year.

What do you need?

Obviously, there is no need to start hoarding canned goods and toilet paper this time around. With a weather event predicted to last an extended weekend, your normal groceries and such should suffice.

All the same, if you haven't grabbed your milk and bread by now, you'll want to do that before Sunday. Plan on staying in and getting a slow start to Monday, it's going to be wildly unpredictable and very cold across the state.  

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