I stumbled across a post on social media that almost instantly went exactly how you'd expect. People read the headline and just ran with it. The comments and replies were comedy gold.

Simply put, if a company were to make a candle that smelled of Oklahoma, what would it smell like?

It all stems from your typical bunch of born or adopted Okies who somehow remain completely clueless about the state in which they live.

So there is a company in Fort Wayne, Indiana called Simple Nature that is making candles themed after different places.

As a schtick, the company names these candles after cities, states, and countries. Marketing 101: Tie someone's sense of identity to the product and they'll buy it. Naturally, there's an Oklahoma-scented one.


From the website:

Welcome to the land of hidden treasures, from the bygone days of the wild-and-rowdy Great American Frontier, sparkling lakes, glorious mountains, cypress-lined bayous and picturesque towns, Oklahoma has a place for you.

...to which most responded with your average, everyday dumping on our state because "nothing is in Oklahoma."

For the record, while there are no natural lakes, there are some real sparklers off in the Northeastern part of the state. Obviously, there are glorious mountains here in the Southwest portion, and if you travel far enough to the Southeast you'll stumble across magnificent cypress-lined swamps and bayous.

Spend enough time exploring the state, you'll find those picturesque towns too. Drive down the historic downtown areas of Guthrie, Broken Arrow, Ponca City, or countless other old small towns across this state and tell me it's not picturesque.


Even Hollywood and Martin Scorsese had nothing but praise for towns like Pawhuska and Fairfax because they are so picturesque and historically accurate to the early 20th century all the same.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... If the people who lived in Oklahoma got out more and explored Oklahoma, they'd stop complaining about Oklahoma. Too many people are way too comfortable living in their own little bubble. With that, we're back on topic and on to the fun stuff.

If Oklahoma Was A Candle, What Would It Smell Like?

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Oklahoma spends quite a bit of time talking about why we don't like everywhere else. Like Sooner fans and people in Southern OK talk trash on Texas, Northern OK hates Kansas, Eastern OK isn't fond of Arkansas, etc... but what about our own state?

I ran across a dead thread on liberal Facebook--AKA--Reddit where people were talking in detail trying to rank the worst cities in the state. While you may not agree politically with your fellow statesmen, you really can't defend a lot of this. Here's the list for least worse to absolute worst as voted by them.

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