Oklahoma just took a strong stand against the recent rioting, violence and looting by charging people involved in such acts with terrorism. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater just charged three people who were involved in several incidences of rioting, arson, violence and destruction of property back in May with felony offenses of terrorism. The decision has caused a lot of controversy and concern from others.

The announcement came late last week that Prater would move forward with the most severe charges and penalties in the hopes that it would deter others from engaging in acts of violence, rioting or looting. Peaceful protests are one thing, riots are quite another. I love his remark he made to the press when questioned about his decision "This is not Seattle, we're not putting up with this lawlessness here." I have to say I agree with him. There's no place for violence or violent protestors. Which in my mind once you become violent you're no longer a protestor, you're a rioter.

These are charges that can be used in conjunction with rioting, assault and battery, vandalism, destruction of property and arson depending on the case and circumstances. While it might seem harsh to charge someone with terrorism, something has to be done to slow the current violence and rioting. Before things get out of hand, or more out of hand than they already have, we need to get tough.

I know this decision is very controversial, some say it's going too far. So what are your thoughts on this? Should Oklahoma charge rioters and looters who have committed violent acts and arson with terrorism?

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