When it comes to the coronavirus vaccine, there is no shortage of varying opinions in this country. Half of the population is dead set against the idea of getting a vaccine, whether it's the tin-foil rumor of microchips or just a lack of trust in the government and big pharma overall. The other half of the population will adopt this vaccine like a normal person. Either way, Oklahoma officials are already submitting their rollout plans to ensure Oklahoma appears at or near the top of that list of shipped vaccines.

Of course, you pop open any social media source you have, of course the argument ensues about it. It's been a hot topic... but so has everything else. We now live in an age where two distinct things are happening, and neither of them are good.

First off, too many people feel way too comfortable in disrespecting each other in social media. It seems everyone has forgotten that golden rule that an opinion only holds weight with the person who owns it. Winning an argument is no longer defined by the rules of debate and concrete evidence and fact, winning has become a hodge-podge of insults and popular opinion. All in all, it's simply allowed us to forget how to communicate with each other. Worse yet, most people respond to others with replies they wouldn't dare toss out in a face-to-face interaction, you know, because sticks and stones break bones, and some opinions would earn just that.

Second, social media allows every person to find another person that they agree with. In high school, we referred to it as a clique. Preppies, jocks, goths, losers, nerds, etc... all had their own little ecosystem built around like individuals. It's not a good system, yet social media has allowed this trend to continue well into adulthood, and we all suffer from it. For every opinion, there is a follower... but social media has allowed us to easily link to people who share the same ideas, and divide us into tribes of ideals. Every time you like a page or share a post that you decide perfectly defines how you feel, you're just spreading propaganda.

Get the vaccine, don't get the vaccine, it's totally up to you. Please stop feeling the compulsion to explain yourself or convince someone they're wrong because you're right. The world would be a much better place if we stopped talking politics and learned to be polite neighbors again. Always remember, your opinion doesn't matter to anyone else. Mine included.

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