You usually hear people apologizing once they're busted. Even if it's a fake apology. This guy really thinks cockfighting should be legal.

Well this is an interesting thing to fight for, but I guess B.L. Cozad of Bryan County, Oklahoma is trying to fight for his right to cockfight in the state of Oklahoma. In 2002 Oklahomans approved State Question 687, which made cockfighting a felony. In 2004 the Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously upheld the constitutionality of the ban. Cozad was arrested back in January for his massive cockfighting ring in the state.

In total, around 300 birds were on the property. Along with several weapons that he would allegedly attach to the birds so they could engage in combat. Cozad said, "You're simply testing and competing the game cock, to test it for the natural genetic traits that God put into the creature, when he created it."

OK man, maybe you have a point and I'm saying the tiniest fraction of maybe when I say that. When you attach knives to the birds, that is when you lose me with your argument. Animal Wellness Action is an animal welfare program in the state of Oklahoma. They say that cockfighting in the state is very prevalent.

That group has actually accused Oklahoma farmers knowingly sending their birds to cockfighting organizations throughout the world. All in all, I don't think this guy has a leg to stand on. I highly doubt that cockfighting would ever become legal again, but you never know. Best of luck in your legal journey.

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