Oklahoma is featured in a new documentary called "Behind the Mask" that details the stories of healthcare professionals, frontline workers, caregivers, and patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

SSM Health filmmakers headed up the project with the help of a former NBC News producer. It's an amazing film that shows all the heroic actions and heartbreaking tragedies that took place due to the Coronavirus.

The fact is we're still trying to see our way through it and while things have improved, COVID-19 and the Delta Variant are still infecting people and causing massive problems. The number of new positive cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths continue to rise. It's been especially bad here in Oklahoma.

Filmmakers traveled to Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Missouri to speak with those who have been on the frontline of this pandemic from the very beginning. Our healthcare professionals and caregivers have led the charge and are truly heroes. They don't hear "Thank You" enough. We couldn't make it without them.

The job these people do is beyond difficult and a calling for sure. Not only do our healthcare workers and caregivers deserve our thanks, all the frontline workers and those who despite the dangers worked to help others. From first responders to factory workers everyone pitched in and did their part to get us through.

Take some time and hit play on the video above and watch the SSM Health documentary "Behind the Mask" for an inside look at what some of these heroes have done and continue to do for us. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all of our healthcare workers and frontline workers. We really appreciate all you do for us every day.

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