As most of the state collectively sits around waiting on the ice and sleet to close the state down for a day or two, there's a small sense of worry over what nature has in store for us all.

Extremely cold temperatures were predicted and are now here in full force. Southwest Oklahoma is already covered in a thin but slippery layer of sleet. It's the so-called "light" day of the predicted winter storm coming, and there's more stacking up in the forecast later in February.

Let it snow.

Even though Farmer's Almanac hasn't had the best track record for accuracy the last few, well, decades, they seem to be killing it these days.

While last weeks winter storm wasn't anything to cancel school over in our part of the state, the Almanac let us know about it a month in advance.

In the same forecast, FA also correctly called for brutally cold and icy weather for the days we're experiencing now. Looking forward, February is more of the same.

While it's not the doom and gloom "heavy snow totals" we saw in the January forecast, winter weather is winter weather. If you've lived here long you understand that you could drop your Sonic Slush and that'd be enough to cancel most Oklahoma schools for icy conditions.

There's a chance those flurries could turn into something worse, but comparing FA to the National Weather Center predictions, it's uncertain what month two of 2023 will hold.

I needed five more words.

Basic Driving Tips For Snow & Ice

While you would assume that these are common knowledge, you'd be surprised how many people haven't lived in a place where they would learn these skills.

The Frozen Wichita Mountains

When Southwest Oklahoma gets a rare blizzard with serious snowfall, the mountains take on a fresh and stunning look. It's something we all get to experience thanks to the video and camera work of a few awesome locals with a stellar YouTube channel, The Pemberton Boys. They flew their drones and explored the mountains across SWOK while the views were grand, putting it online for everyone to enjoy.

The Highest Rated Local 'Cheap Eats' Restaurants In Lawton

Sometimes you just cannot eat another bite of chain-restaurant food. There's a bit of comfort in the fact you can visit any location in the country and have the same meal, but it grows tired on the taste buds. Sometimes you just need something uniquely local and preferably within your budget.

While there are higher-rated restaurants in town, they come at a steep price. Paying $12 for a lime-washed beer or glass of wine crosses the border between eating a meal and paying extra for entertainment. Here are the highest-rated local cheap eats in Lawton according to Trip Advisor.


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