For decades the process of tagging a legally acquired deer has been relatively the same. Buy your license and tags, print them out, and duct tape them to the carcass of your prey... It's been a super annoying process.

First off, paper isn't that durable. Even that old-school waxed paper stuff would rip and disintegrate in every imaginable field condition. If you accidentally taped it on backward, that'll be $185 plus "we're taking your deer."

The easy fix we adopted was going to the local surplus store and having dog tags stamped out with our license information on 'em. Use a sharpie to fill out your information at harvest and zip-tie it to your deer... Easy, but unless you invested in a lifetime license, you were buying new dog tags every year.

Now the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is offering durable, weather-proof field tags along the same idea.


For $6, they'll send you three keychain-type plastic license tags to use during your hunt. Like the old Hasting's membership cards there toward the end... You only need to fill in the relevant information when your hunt becomes successful. After that everything is still the same. You have 24 hours to check in your harvest online and tags must stay with the animal until legal disposal.

They're still not as viable as dog tags, but easier and cheaper in the long run. Get your own here.

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