Apparently, someone stole an alligator from a Hochatown animal rehab center in Southeast Oklahoma.

Read that again and let it sink in.

Who in the world steals an alligator? And we're not talking a cute little foot long death machine... This little guy is like three feet long and already has a jaw defect. Granted, as he's used as an educational animal, he's probably reasonably docile... or as much as an alligator can get.

Two thoughts come to mind... School is out, Summer is in full swing... I could see a couple of young idiot kids thinking it would be hilarious to abduct an alligator. Just imagine how that story would go twenty years down the road? You'd be a small-town legend. But at the moment, you'd probably think it was funny for a few hours, get paranoid, and in a fury to cover up your hilarious crime, try to get rid of the evidence as quickly as possible. There in lies the biggest problem.

Hochatown is practically a suburb of Broken Bow Lake.

When they come to their senses, and the panic sets in, what body of water do you think that animal will end up in?

All the same, it could be misplaced Cajuns just looking for a home-cooked meal, or more likely a couple of meth-heads living up to their SEOK expectations. Either/or, if you spot an alligator with a severe overbite, you might holler at your local OK Game Warden.


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