I think this is something that everyone can agree is a good idea.

We always hear the horror stories of people rationing their insulin to survive. Some folks can't afford their insulin so they sometimes have to take less than a doctor prescribed them, simply for the fact they can't afford it. Believe me, I know that these medical companies didn't get into this to save lives, they're all about profits.

However, the price of insulin has been increasing in this country at an alarming rate and folks are literally dying from not being able to afford insulin. Governor Kevin Stitt in Oklahoma just signed a bill into law capping the copay cost for all Oklahomans when it comes to insulin. House Bill 1019 caps the copay for a 30-day supply of insulin to $30 and $90 for a 90-day supply for each covered prescription.

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Copays are currently based on individual insurance plans. HB 1019 gives authority to the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner to enforce the price cap. “Since introducing House Bill 1019, I’ve heard from many Oklahomans across the state who can hardly afford to pay the rising cost of insulin while also juggling their other bills,” said Rep. Worthen. “This bill will save lives by making insulin affordable for those who need it. Nobody should be forced to choose between paying their rent and paying for their life-saving medication.”

The seventh leading cost of death in Oklahoma is diabetes. Oklahoma has the fourth highest age-adjusted diabetes death rate in the nation. Hopefully this bill takes a lot of stress off of people's lives and their wallets.

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