These three terrifying Oklahoma haunted historical sites in the Cherokee Nation are among some of the strangest and scariest ghost stories in the Sooner State. All three have had reports of paranormal activity and have been examined by professional investigators, ghost hunters, and amateurs alike. Each tells tales of ghosts, strange happenings, and unexplained encounters with known and unknown supernatural entities.


Unlike many other haunted sites around the state that are located on private property and closed off to the public, you can actually visit these. That's right they're open to the public so you can make a visit and tour these historic and allegedly haunted places. So where are they? These three are in and around Tahlequah, OK. in the Cherokee Nation. Two are in Park Hill, OK. and another one in Rose, OK. which are both close to Tahlequah, OK. It would make for a nice scenic drive and maybe even a quick fall staycation getaway.

The three haunted historic places are the Saline Courthouse in Rose, OK. the Murrell Home in Park Hill, OK. and the Jack Brown Home also in Park Hill, OK. Each has its own unique background and history, not to mention ghost stories. There's everything from actual ghosts, floating orbs, shadow figures, strange noises to unexplained phenomena, and more. Not all the stories and spirits rumored to inhabit these locations are frightening, some are actually friendly. Or are at least tolerant or completely uninterested in the still living.

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I've never been to any of these places but look forward to making the trip to visit each one. They all sound amazing and as far as I know, I've never been to, or anywhere near Tahlequah, OK. so I'll get to see a part of the state I haven't seen before. There's a ton of history in the area and plenty to see and do. With Tulsa being close by, within an hour or so accommodations and food shouldn't be a problem. Sounds like a staycation!

If you're into the paranormal and supernatural Oklahoma has more than its fair share of haunted places, urban legends, and eerie tales. It seems almost every county, town, and place you can go to in the Sooner State there are ghost stories being told. As a matter of fact, Oklahoma is one of the most haunted states with more ghosts per capita than anywhere else in the entire country! Click here for more Oklahoma hauntings!

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While Oklahoma is well known for its beauty and friendly people there are a few places in the Sooner State you'll want to avoid. These are the most terrifying towns and scary cities in the state. It's not that they're bad places, or plagued with crime and other negative factors. The towns and cities below have one single thing in common. They all have active paranormal and supernatural phenomenons. From ghost stories to urban legends and tragic tales. A lot of these places are well known to those who live in Oklahoma and even all over the nation. If you're looking to get scared or do a little ghost hunting you can start with the list below.

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