One Oklahoma hunter is making the rounds on social media at the moment for his recent harvest during the 2023 deer season.

Most Okies go a little crazy for the big, beautiful bucks we occasionally grow here, but this one is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

While the typical bucks get all of the fame, it's the non-typical variety like this that get remembered.

What you're looking at is what wildlife conservationists refer to as a "cactus" buck.

Cactus bucks are defined as male deer with abnormal growths on the antlers that tend to remain in velvet (thin hairy skin covering new antler growth).

What causes cactus bucks?

Mainly, it's a hormonal imbalance according to experts. Sometimes it can be due to disease or low testosterone, other times it can be caused by an immune response to an earlier injury, like a hurt or broken extremity.

Either way, it's going to make for a pretty stellar mount.

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