I know, you've heard me say it time and time again, but I'm not letting it slip by ever again when we talk about Oklahoma outdoors. This state is "THE" most ecologically diverse state in the entire nation.

We feature eleven different unique, diverse, ecological regions across this "fly-over" state. Mountains to plains, swamps to high desert, everything in between. The only things we really don't have are the cold weather things like glaciers and permafrost... but give it a few million years, you never know.

Today, we're talking about the ancient lava flows that are better known as Black Mesa State Park.


Way up in the northwest corner of the panhandle, Black Mesa is regarded as one of North America's geological wonders. At nearly a mile high, it's not only the highest point in the state, but as this natural phenomenon shoots out of the ground and covers parts of three different states, it's honestly something to experience. Especially this time of year.

I know, the majority of people would rather travel the outdoor places in fair weather, when everything is lush and green... but this time of year when everything is brown and dead is the best time to explore.

Snakes are generally brumating (it's what we call hibernation for cold-blooded animals) during these colder months, so the odds of encountering them on a trail are relatively low. Without all of the brush growth to block open-vista views, dead is king in the outdoor world.

Now is the only time of year to really explore. Plus, if you layer up, you stay comfortably warm instead of the Spring/Summer brutally hot.

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