If all Oklahomans shared one single thought, it has to be the belief that life is better in the bigger cities.

"Nothing ever happens in ________" That's the number one complaint I hear and read on social media every week, but I don't think it's so true. At least, not in my experience.


I've lived in the smallest communities where literally everyone knows all of your business, and I've called three of the USA's largest cities my home for a few short spells. I can tell you without a doubt, the place you live is only as boring as you are.

Even though there was plenty to do in those massive metropolitan cities, the amount of entertainment was quickly cut down by the lack of money to burn. Literally, everything costs money in big cities.


Arguably, the smaller the town, the more entertaining it is. Not because there's more to do, but because everyone seems to be on the same page with making something happen to pass the time.

No plans on a Friday night? String xmas lights through the barn and have a party. Snowed overnight? Buy a $20 junkyard car hood and some rope, tow it with a 4x4. No Saturday night plans? Buy a sixer of Surge and play Goldeneye 64 with your closest bros.


Even today, you can only do one of those things in a big city.

By popular opinion and a bunch of odd metrics, here are the twenty most boring places to live in America.

America's Most Boring Major Cities

Any and everyone who lives in a small Oklahoma town complains about how there's "nothing to do," but it's such a common complaint that living in bigger cities isn't always any better. Case and point, here's a quick list of big cities where people constantly complain about how boring it is living there.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

The Best Places to Live in Oklahoma

When it comes to living in Oklahoma, there is no shortage of opinions on where you should live. If you compare all of the different metrics--schools, cost of living, diversity, amenities, etc--you'll get a slightly different list every time... but if you compound all of them into one, you get this list. The best places to live in Oklahoma.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

20 Worst Places To Live In Oklahoma

Contrary to popular belief, Oklahoma is growing. People are seeking a more affordable life, less big city, more room to grow, and the Sooner State fits that bill better than you think.

Our slow and steady growth year-over-year has gotten enough national attention to garner all sorts of new studies in the state, including this one.

Here are the 20 worst places to live in Oklahoma based on cost of living, crime rates, poverty stats, low wage issues, and more.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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