When the Seattle Supersonics made the announcement the team would be relocated to Oklahoma City, there were more than a few naysayers across the Sooner State.

Oklahoma City is too small!

There's not enough money in Oklahoma!

Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won't!

The OKC Thunder have sold out nearly every game in Bricktown for the last fifteen years, and it's a trend that keeps going.

The Thunder have been so successful that the conversation now includes adding a professional NFL team to the state. Obviously in Oklahoma City since Tulsa is still just the little brother.

Just like we went through with the Thunder, to get the buzz and excitement out to the people, they'll likely name a potential NFL team through a popular vote (even if they ignored the popular vote on the OKC Bison NBA team). Everybody gets a vote, and here are some of the wild suggestions so far.

Potential Oklahoma NFL Football Team Names

With the success and shocking longevity of the OKC Thunder basketball team, Oklahomans are now talking endlessly about football and the NFL. While just rumors and hopeful wishes still, it's fun to think of the potential names for a pro football team in our state capital. Straight from Facebook, here are the top suggestions.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Where Should Buc-ee's Build Their First Oklahoma Location?

With Buc-ee's being back on the expansion bandwagon, Oklahomans are feeling like we're due for our first location... but where should the beaver conglomerate start in the Sooner State?

After compiling information from social media, here's a quick rundown on the locations Okies think would be a perfect fit for 24/7 hot brisket on the board.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma's Highest-Rated Barbeque Joints, In No Particular Order...

I doubt there's a single topic debated more passionately in Oklahoma than who makes the best BBQ. While they all smoke meat, there are some huge differences in how that process is done. Type of wood, length of cook, foil vs paper wrap, and even the hot topics of seasoning and binders come into play. What you like others may not, and vice versa. Since we can't just pick a top five or ten, here are the Oklahoma barbeque joints that have the biggest fans.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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