A Short Entertaining History Of The Beard
You wouldn't think that the humble beard had a history, and it really didn't until one conqueror decided beards were out of style. Now, those who can do, and those that can't wish they could.
Here's 25 Little Known St Patty's Day Facts
Before you set out to celebrate your made up Irish heritage, you might take a few tidbits of information with you. You never know when you'll be the hero at the table with the random facts nobody cares about 364 days a year.
Even The Longest Streaks Must End
The date was September 20th, 1998. The place was Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. The New York Yankees were in town to visit the home town Orioles, and Cal Ripken decided to do something he hadn't done since May 29th, 1982.
History Made As JetBlue Flight Lands In Cuba
It was a 90 minute flight, uneventful, just like thousands of others today, but when JetBlue Airlines Flight 387 touched down earlier today, it was the first time in more that half a century that a direct commercial flight originating in the United States touched down in the island nation of Cuba.

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