After a decade-long STD study across the United States concluded, the data ended up ranking Oklahoma as having the fourth most cases of syphilis in the nation.

Of course, it's all based on population density in a per capita manner, so the numbers skew a bit, but overall you can't argue the stats.

When you break down the various diseases included in the study, Oklahoma fairs much better with more common STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea, somewhere in the middle of the pack. Elevated for our population, but lower overall.

What's to blame for the resurgence of STDs across the Sooner State? Nobody really knows. Older adults (35-50) grew up during the HIV/AIDS epidemic under a constant reminder to put importance on safe sex... As trends among young people have changed, along with new advances in modern medicine, STDs don't seem to carry the stigma it once did.

Add in the fact that younger adults consume entertainment completely differently, and that sex education is learned at an earlier average age via smartphones these days, and perhaps the importance of safe sex isn't emphasized as much among our youth.

All the same, STDs are experiencing a renaissance in America's older adults too...

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Here's how it all breaks down.

Oklahoma Counties with Highest Chlamidia Cases

While Oklahoma is among the top-4 states with the highest rates of STDs, when you break down the information accounting for the various diseases, Oklahoma runs in the middle of the pack regarding chlamydia. Naturally, the states with larger populations are listed higher, but the breakdown by county is enough to keep you out of the clubs on the weekend in these Sooner State cities.

Oklahoma Counties with the Highest Cases of Gonorrhea

While Oklahoma landed in the middle of the pack as far as states with the highest number of chlamydia cases, it crept up a bit to #22 in the nation for gonorrhea. Here's a rundown of the top 10 Sooner State counties in cases of gonorrhea per capita.

Oklahoma Counties with the Most Syphilis Cases

Beyond chlamydia and gonorrhea, Oklahoma ranks shockingly high on the list of states with the biggest syphilis problem in the United States... #11 in the nation. Here is the top 10 breakdown of Sooner State counties with the most cases per capita, per 100k people.

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